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How To Choose The Safest Infant Car Seat?

Shopping around for a good car seat for your newborn, you would come across various types of car seats with a variety of features. Choosing one could be very confusing especially for a new parent. Irrespective of the aesthetics and comfort offered by the products, you should ideally be choosing the safest infant car seat available.

Infant car seats come with an upper height and weight limit that most infants outgrow in a very short period. This could force some parents to opt for a convertible car seat for their infant as this would cost less than the combination of an infant car seat first, which later needs to be replaced by a convertible. A good look at the various infant car seat reviews would suggest otherwise.

What is Infant Car Seat?

Convertibles often lack most of these features. Again, when it comes to infant car seats, you will come across products from various manufacturers. One’s from reputed manufacturers do not come at cheap rates. Purchasing one of the cheap infant car seats might look like a financially sound decision. But cheap products obviously lack the required safety features. They might also cause much discomfort for your baby.

How do you identify the safest infant car seat for your baby? Ideally, infant car seats should be made of soft material so that your baby will feel comfy in one. A five-point harness system is recommended by experts to ensure that you baby is perfectly fit in the car seat. Unlike the three-point harness, these straps restrain the shoulders, hips and the crotch. Quality car seats like the Britax infant car seat have features that are essential for the safety of your infant.

Why Using Infant Car Seat?

Newborn babies will not be able to control their head and neck by themselves and hence can not be seated in an upright position. A good infant car seat needs to have infinite recline positions. Definitely rear facing, it should offer a 45-degree recline position for your baby to be seated safely and comfortably during its initial days.

Apart from being padded the straps should be tangle free. The Britax B-Safe infant car seat has tangle free straps and a five-point harness system that is easy to operate. These seats have detachable bases and are lightweight. They do not occupy much space in your vehicle. You can also use the car seat as a baby carrier as it can be detached from the base.

Car Seat Safety Features

LATCH is another system that you would need in your infant car seat – if your vehicle supports one. Most vehicles since 2002-2003 support the LATCH system. Look for a LATCH system that is easy to connect. The B-Safe from Britax would make a good choice.

The bulkiness of the car seats is one among the many issues that parents complain about. A heavier infant car seat would obviously add to the safety it provides. But the bulkiness would make it difficult for you to carry it around even if they come with a detachable base.

Another point that parents should keep in mind is never to go for a second-hand car seat for your infant. Used car seats are easily available online at very cheap rates. There are a large number of parents who purchase used car seats because of this cost advantage. But you are in fact gambling the safety of your little one for the profit you make.

Most infant car seats have one-time crash safety features. If you are purchasing a used car seat from a stranger, chances are that you are buying one that was involved in a crash previously. You also stand the chance of purchasing a car seat that has suffered structural damages due to wear and tear making it unfit for offering safety for your baby.


Infancy is a stage where your baby will definitely need a stroller. You would want to carry your baby around and doing this without a stroller would be quite difficult. Wouldn’t it be good if you could convert your stroller to a travel system? An infant car seat with infinite recline positions, when combined with a stroller, makes an excellent travel system for your baby.

Yes, there are very good travel systems available, like the ones from Britax where the car seat can be literally popped into the stroller to make a sturdy travel system. An infant car seat with a large canopy can provide your little one excellent protection from the sun when you take him/her for a walk round the corner in the travel system.

From the financial point of view, an infant car seat, especially the B-Safe from Britax might not be a great decision. But being one of the safest infant car seats, the B-Safe is a good bargain for a parent who is concerned about the baby’s safety.